What is A Dollar Worth?

This is a story of one of the 667 students sponsored by Children of Uganda. She wrote this herself to share with you.

“My name is Mariah I am 15 yrs old, I study at Wits College Namulanda. I finished my primary level at Mother Kevin Primary School in Mukono district. I am now gone to S.4
a candidate class and I hope to get a first grade. I came to Children of Uganda when I was 5 years old after both of my parents had died of AIDS, I did not understand why life was like this. But now when I am with Children of Uganda I am okay. I love Children of Uganda because it has provided school fees and requirements for me and I am receiving love from Children of Uganda. I now have many brothers, sister, aunties and uncles here at COU. I hope to graduate from Secondary School and go onto university to become a journalist.”

COU takes on the awesome responsibility of caring for orphans and vulnerable children through providing school fees, living requirements and most importantly, love. These children would not otherwise have the opportunity to study. They would not have the opportunity to become what they want to be. To no fault of their own they have been left less fortunate than many. COU needs your help in order to care for these amazing children. They have a sponsorship program where you can be paired with a child and your money will go to putting that child through school. COU also accepts straight donations. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please go to http://www.childrenofuganda.org/ or if you want to give a donation please do so at the same website, or you can donate through the facebook group. Every little bit counts. No gift is too small. I have compiled a list of items COU purchases every term (except for items marked with a * which are a one time purchase) for each student to show you how far a little bit can go.

Daily Living Requirements
Item- Cost to Buy in Uganda - Amount in US Dollars
Toothpaste: 1000 Ush - $ 0.58
Soap for Bathing: 1000 Ush - $0.58
Soap for Washing: 1000 Ush - $0.58
Vaseline: 2000 Ush - $1.17
Sanitary towels: 2000 Ush - $1.17
Shoes: 15,000 Ush - $8.82
Shoe polish: 2000 Ush - $0.58
Shoe brush: 1000 Ush - $0.58
Razor: 1000 Ush - $0.58
Suit cases*: 20,000 Ush - $11.76
Bed sheets*: 20,000 Ush - $11.76
Blankets*: 15,000 Ush - $8.82
Mosquito net*: 35,000 Ush - $20.58
Mattress*: 40,000 Ush - $23.50

Scholastic materials for secondary school children
School Uniform: 40,000Ush - $23.53
Books: 4000 Ush x 4 - $0.41
Black books: 2000 Ush - $0.58
Calculator: 30,000 Ush - $17.65
Graph books: 1500 Ush - $0.88
Reams of paper: 8000 Ush - $2.05
File: 3500 Ush - $2.06
Text books: 15,000- 30,000 Ush - $8.82 - $17.65
Pens: 200 Ush x 4 - $0.47
Pencils: 100 Ush x 4 - $0.24

Scholastic material for primary school children
School uniform: 15000 Ush - $8.82
Exercise books: 4000 Ush x 12 - $28.24
Pens: 200 Ush x 4 - $0.47
Mathematic sets: 1200 Ush - $0.70
Pencils: 100 Ush x 4 - $0.24

So, $10.00 can buy 166 pencils.
$20.00 can buy 9 exercise books.
$50.00 can buy 6 text books.
$100.00 can buy 12 school uniforms.

One by one, we can change the world!!!

Tis the Season of Visitors

Cowan family at the source of da nile.
This past month I have been very blessed to receive many visitors. My mom, dad and sister came to Uganda in December followed by Becca M. and 4 of her friends in January. They spent many days at my village as well as touring around Uganda and seeing the sites. It was my first time to try my hand at being a tour guide and although challenging, it turned out to be quite fun. The trip was quite the role reversal as my parents are usually the one with all the money, car keys and decision making power but as this is now ‘my home’ I was the one taking the responsibility. It is wonderful to be able to share this experience with loved ones from home. They can attest to the truth in my stories of Uganda that may seem outlandish to those who have not traveled here. They climbed into a small car with 10 other people and 5 chickens. They went to meetings starting 5 hours late. They ate the rice and beans and lived without a real toilet or washing machine. It was a rockin good time, and I miss them so much already. I think that you should all come visit, Uganda is not that far away. Haha, but seriously, anyone is welcome to Enyumba wa Sarah and experience Uganda through the Sarah Tour Guide Company.