Kulika Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

I hope you are all very well and enjoying the snow and cold weather. Today is warm yet again, around 80 or so, needless to say it was not ‘beginning to look a lot like Christmas.’ Or at least in the way I am used to. Most of the PCVs in Uganda traveled to Kampala (the capital city in Uganda) to spend the holidays together. We had several parties/dinners thrown for us the past few days by staff at the embassy. It was great to go for some home cooked food and really wonderful to speak with people who knew what I was saying. I have never appreciated Americans more in my life. Not that I don’t love Ugandans, because I do! However, there is just something comforting about being able to hang out with people who know where you are coming from esp. around the holidays. Incase any of you are thinking of going into the foreign service, they are set up with some pretty swank accommodations. Christmas this year was by far the hardest one I have experienced as of yet. It goes without saying that I missed my family and friends more than I can say however, when I think about all the orphans I work with who will never even get to know their family, being away for two years seems much more manageable. Plus I will be home in less than 6 months for the wedding of the year. For Christmas day, a few of us got up to go to church in Kampala. We piled into a Matatu (taxi) a long with 25 other people, Matatus are suppose to hold 14 ppl max. We sang Christmas carols the whole way to church, we even got a few Ugandans to join in! On the way there we stopped by a gas station for a classy Christmas breakfast of juice and crackers, now for you this may not seem exciting, but try eating posho and beans every single day and it will be more superb than any other food. They were selling a mini keyboard so, of course I had to go play and sing some more carols. While tooting around on the piano, I notice three barefoot, big bellied children running around outside playing in the dirt and shrieking with glee from whatever treasure they had found in the mud. All of a sudden it really was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I am now on my way back to sight – sad to leave my friends, but am excited to get back to work.

Thanks for all the holiday phone calls and cards! Have a happy new year and joys holiday season!

Ps. Marty and Lea-the toilets flush counter clockwise on this side of the equator. I took a video for you, but it is to big to load, so I will have to show you when I get home.


More Pics!

Howdy! Just a quick blog to let you know there are more pictures up to view click on the picture link on the right.
Hope you enjoy!
Love you!



Hello Everyone!

So many things have happened in the last few weeks that it is hard to begin to try and summarize it in the short time I have here at this internet café. In order to preserve precious internet time, I will make a list of exciting/semi-exciting things to try and catch you up on my life.

-I passed my Luganda language test which I was pretty stoked about. I am far from being fluent, but it is good to know that I am on the right track!
-I am now a PCV!!! No longer a PCT!!! Last Thursday, my training class-all of us-were sworn in as official volunteers. I usually hate ceremonies that are like graduation, but this was pretty cool. I was so proud of all of us for making it through. The last 2 months were challenging in so many number of ways. So now I am Sarah Cowan, BME, PCV J
-Last Friday, I moved to my sight at Children of Uganda and mpola mpola (slowly by slowly) am getting adjusted. They have changed my living arrangements so I will no longer be living with the orphans, which is a very good thing. Living with 150 boys for 2 years would just be to much. I am no living with…..priests! I will have my own apartment which has 2 rooms and a wonderful pit latrine. I am slightly sad that I will no longer have a real toilet, but will gladly give that up for a little peace and quiet! They are still working on the rooms (fixing the holes in the walls, putting a roof on ect.) so for now I am staying in the orphanage.
- I have learned how to dance Ugandan style. We had a dance party last night with the orphans and they taught me how to shake my booty! I am pretty pathetic at dancing, but I had fun and the kids got a good laugh!

Once again, props to my wonderful family and friends for sending mail and packages. I was so pleasantly surprised to find that I had mail waiting for me when I first opened my box. Also, thanks for the wonderful packages Mom, Dad, grandma, Suitemates, Becca E and East Bay Crew, you guys seriously rock my world. Thanks to everyone else for sending mail! Mail has never made me happier in my life.

Ahhhhh! Time is almost up!
I love you all
Have a super day!