Jangu, tulye!

A flower I found by my house, bonus points to anyone who can identify it for me.
Six months! I only have six months left in Uganda! It seems surreal to think that I am already 3/4ths done with my time with Children of Uganda. I’m still so glad to be back in Rakai, the clean air, the friendly people, the kids, people who know my name instead of just ‘muzungu’ life just seems so much better here. I know that I am always writing about how wonderful the people are here don’t think that I’m blind to the problems. Uganda, like anywhere in the world, has many cultural and governmental problems. The worst of which centers around corruption. Instead of dwelling on tose problems I try to think about how amazing so many other things are. One of the most greatest things that I have found here is the incredible hospitality of the people. Every time I walk through town I get approximately 8 offers to eat food. I walk along the road and hear people call to me “jangu, tulye!” (you come, we eat!). Usually I have to pass up these generous offers as I am pressed for time or already full of the giant amount of food that has already been served to me. On the few occasions I take time to eat with my friends, the conversations had and bonds formed are always bountiful. It’s inconceivable how they can offer me (someone who to them seems to be incredibly rich) so much of their own food. This is a habit I want to bring back with me when I come home, although I think that people might think I’m a bit crazy if I’m sitting on my front porch and yell to a complete stranger that they should come and eat my food. My activities recently are just the same as always. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library trying to paint some murals with the help of other PCVs and our older students we have done a map of the solar system, the world and a few fun art murals.
Still doing home visits everynow and then and odd jobs here and there to help out COU in anyway that I can.
(me and a super cute baby I met during a home visitation)
In my spare time I still find that my best Ugandan friends are the kids who are ALWAYS at my house. I'm trying to turn a few into guitarists....
This is a picture of my attempts at becoming a master chef. Far from master, but at least I can kind of cook things that don't come out of a box! Lisandro and I made homemade pizza on my stove! It actually tasted great, and no one got sick from food poisoning!
I’m running out of internet time (as always) so I’ll say….


Love you!