As I was on my way to school today I started giggling because I noticed that the expiration date on my drink was 9-27-06. I’ll be in Africa then!!!!!!! The reality of it is setting in. I can’t wait! :-)



In preparations for my PC (peace corps) time I have discovered that they really like to use abbreviations. I will probably start using these too, so here is a list of some abbreviations I have found:

Ad Sep: Administrative Separation (occurs when Peace Corps administration decides to end a PCV's service early)
APCD: Associate Peace Corps Director (the director, often a HCN, in charge of your program)
CD: Country Director (senior Peace Corps official for a country)
COS: Close of Service (completion of Peace Corps service)
ET: Early Termination (used as a noun or a verb, ET refers to a PCT or PCV choosing to leave service early)
Field Sep: Field Separation (occurs when a PCV ends her service early but arranges to remain in the host country rather than immediately return to the US)
HCN: Host Country National
IOS: Interruption of Service (occurs when an entire program is pulled from a country. PCVs who don't meet the minimum requirement for a COS—usually at least one year of service—are listed as IOS)
IST: In-Service Training (usually held twice during a PCV's two years of service; to expand technical and/or language skills)
Med Evac: Medical Evacuation (if a PCV is sick/injured and can't be treated in-country, she will be sent either to DC or to the closest reliable medical facilities)
Med Sep: Medical Separation (Med Sep occurs when a PCT or PCV is sent home for medical reasons)
OMS: Office of Medical Services
PCMO: Peace Corps Medical Officer (the MD, PA, or RN in charge of a country's medical office)
PCT: Peace Corps Trainee (prospective PCV currently training in-country)
PCV: Peace Corps Volunteer (PCT who has been sworn-in)
PST: Pre-Service Training (the three months of in-country training before you are sworn in as a volunteer)
RPCV: Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (a Peace Corps Volunteer who has successfully completed service)

I hope this helps! :-)