Grove Library Project

I've been back for some time now and getting used to the American lifestyle, and missing Uganda every waking moment.   I have not posted since my return because I am no longer 'Sarah-in-Africa' but I figured because my heart is still there, I would start posting again.  

The elementary school I am working with in Illinois did a book drive for the children at Sabina and raised so many books to send. Enough for each child at our school in Uganda to have their own book to keep.  Below are some pictures of the books being passed out to the children.  It was an incredibly successful project on both ends.  


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Rachel M. Slough said...

Congrats on your wonderful project!

I completely know the feeling about still having your heart in another country. I was only in Chile half the time that you were in Uganda, but I feel like my heart and thoughts are still there. I still pray in Spanish, and get both very excited and teary-eyed anytime I see something that reminds me of my other world.

Miss you and hope you're well!!!

At 9:07 PM, Blogger jairus' daughter said...

oh yay! thanks for posting. what great pictures and irrepressible smiles on the kids. I'm SO looking forward to seeing you in 3 weeks!!!

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