Everybodys goin' surfin!

I’m typing this entry from Ssanje village inside the library and I will post it within minutes because we now have internet access. Yes folks, internet in the village. Because COU is an international organization we are in constant communication with the head office in Kampala as well as the COU headquarters in the states. This means we were having to go to Kyotera (25km crowded car ride away) to try to find internet. I say try because after you cram your self into a tiny car with approximately 10 other people you most often times arrive when the power is off or the internet is not working. If it does work, you have to pay so much money to use the very slow internet. This resulted in much money, time and energy being spent in traveling back and forth all the time. The solution was to bring the net here! Currently it is just for COU employees but further along we will be able to offer it at a rate to community members along with the potential for computer classes. For now it is saving us so much time and even money! This new development is so exciting for all involved, especially the kids who love to look up information through good search or on wikipedia. The world wide web has just become even wider. All the way to the village.

The library with solar power and a very long antenna for recieving internet!


At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!! Internet in the middle of the wilderness in Africa. The doors you have opened for these children is unlimited!! Congrats to you on all your hard work. You go girl!! love you, mom.

At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

It looks like everything is coming along great and that you've made a tremendous impact there. Can't wait for you to come home so I can see you and hear all of your stories.

Love, Elise

At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm crazy excited for you guys. I always knew God was going to use you in some awesome ways.


At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a job well done! Hard to believe you will be done in a few short weeks. My friend's daughter has finished her service in Guinea, doing some traveling and then home. Home - a word you can get excited about.

You have built a solid foundation for the next volunteers to build on. Enjoy and happy traveling.

Lynne P

At 12:22 PM, Blogger Kevin Eckert said...

I love the internet as well. I know the kids are enjoying what it brings to them. I love the library pic. Is it available somewhere else on the web in a larger resolution. I'd love to use it in worship.


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