Ngenda Kudayo!

Hello! Things are quite busy as I am trying to finish wrapping up some projects here in the head office before I head back to the village on Friday. Yes, that’s right folks; I’m going back to Rakai! The new Country Director for COU is in the office and is absolutely fabulous. She has so much potential and I just know she will help COU in so many ways. When I get back to Rakai I will begin to help paint the newly finished library and then organize and get it ready for use. The opening date is now estimated to be June 1st. I can hardly wait to see this project come through to completion. Then begins the exciting business of starting the book clubs, reading projects, and English and literacy classes.

This past week I got the pleasure of going to visit another PCV in Uganda. One of my most favorite things to do on the weekends is to go visit other volunteers around the country. Seeing the way they live, what they are doing and just having fun commiserating about our challenges. I’ve gotten to visit all the girls in my group a few times each and a few other volunteers from the other groups. As always in life, it is good to see that other people are struggling with the same things you are. It gives you perspective and ideas on how to cope with your own problems. Also, finding humor in the challenges makes your heart feel so much better about everything. I mean, I have always known this, but it’s just good to realize life lessons over and over again.

The downfall of returning to Rakai is that I will not have internet, electricity or toilets. All of these things are okay with me; just don’t expect me to reply quickly to e-mails. Also, packages and letters can be sent to the old address in Kyotera.

Take care and keep me updated on your lives.

Peace and love!



At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

June 1st Grand Opening for the Library. Way to go. How fantastic! We whis we could be there with you but we will be in sprit. You have made Africa a better place because of your efforts and you still have 7 months more to offer. No running water or electricty, I remember it and I'm so glad we were able to be there so we understand your stories. Travel safely and take care.
#1 reply Again!!!
Walleye-fully your,
I love You!!!

At 4:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Sarah... WOW. You have changed the world for the people of Rakai. Congrats. Wish we could be there to paint.Love you more than all the books in the world. mom

At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so awesome to be so close to finishing the library. What a fantastic way to leave an imprint on the lovely people in Sangai-did I spell it right? You rock, Sarah! The kids at church will be excited to hear about it. They had a part in making it happen. I am imagining a painting party with your students. If they get so excited about helping with laundry....why, they will charge right in with the painting! Weeeee!

Take care dearest Sarah. We love you.



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